The Dream BIG Expo

Bmobile’s Dream Big Expo is a one-day career showcase held at the Centre of Excellence in Macoya, where international businesses and successful start-up companies target job seekers, college, and high school students.

They attend the Dream Big Expo to address one question: Why not come work with us. This is by no means your average vocational snooze fest, where someone hands you a pamphlet and prays you don’t ask them a question.

As they say in the army posters: We Want You!

  • Network with those who make the billion dollar decisions.
  • Learn from top professionals in diverse fields.
  • Plus find the best academic track or program that’s right for you.

And if that still isn’t good enough, just come kick it at the Expo by witnessing:

  • Top chefs put on a culinary display like you’ve never seen …
  • Sit back and enjoy a beauty makeover …
  • See futuristic technology at work …
  • Grab a selfie with world renowned social media influencers
  • Enter our brain cooler zones and watch blockbuster films,
  • Or party in our DJ zones where the only one who can hear the music, is you.

Trust us, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In fact here’s one more incentive that’ll make your eyeballs sweat…

Students who pre-register before April 30th, get in for FREE!

There’s a whole lot more in store at bmobile’s Dream Big Expo; where we recognize that every one of our attendees possesses the power to succeed!

Expo Highlights

You Won’t Want to Miss This!

Career Networking
Career Networking
Culinary Displays
Culinary Displays
Future Technology
Future Technology
Beauty Makeovers
Beauty Makeovers

The Dream Big School Tour

Coming Soon to your school!

Our Vision

To be a dynamic and connected charitable organization, harnessing the energy, resources and innovation of our members and supporters to fulfil our objectives of being a leading entity within the region and providing Service and Support to Humanity and the Arts through related opportunities and available mechanisms.

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