Dream Big School Tour

St. Joseph Convent, St. Joseph

The Dream Big School Tour made it’s way to St. Joseph Convent, St. Joseph, where the students were entertained by a hip hop piece performed by Tray & Triston Marcel “Twin Lit” as part of the school tour’s opening production.

The students then gave a warm welcome to our host Major and co-host Tanika Durity who was a past student of the school. The screams and cheers continued as the panelist took the stage; Karian Forde an actress and dancer, Antonio Achee a cinematographer and music producer, Kye West who’s an event planner and founder/director of Island Crashers and Darryl Gervais a singer and songwriter.

The students were later treated by performances from Tanika Durity who performed an acoustic rendition of Kes The Band’s “Savannah Grass”, singer and songwriter Keoné Osborne and multi talented music producer, singer and songwriter Mical Teja.