About Us



To be a dynamic and connected charitable organization, harnessing the energy, resources and innovation of our members and supporters to fulfil our objectives of being a leading entity within the region and providing Service and Support to Humanity and the Arts through related opportunities and available mechanisms.


DBF will be ethical, consistent and cost effective in the conduct of its activities and will maintain high levels of performance standards and accountability in keeping with its role as a non-profit, charitable organization within the entertainment industry and community at large.


To identify opportunity gaps and build capacities among those in need of meaningful and sustainable assistance within the Arts & Entertainment industry.



DBF operates with three main objectives:

  1. Strengthen Organisational and Industry Support
    • Strong Administrative and Governance Structure
    • Key Stakeholder Involvement
    • Build on Mentorship and Training Programmes
  2. Increase and Broaden Available Professional Avenues and Opportunities
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Beneficiary Commitment
    • Pro-Active Corporate Policy
  3. Enhance and Foster Emerging Talent
    • Promote a Sustainable Environment
    • Training & Development
    • Focused Programmes and Projects
    • Strengthening Relations & Outreach


DBF was founded in 2014 and is centered on the discovery and fostering of talented individuals within several sectors of the Arts & Entertainment industry

Recognizing a lack of substantial or directed support within much of the creative and entertainment industries such as film, music and fashion, DBF’s initiatives are designed to both attract individuals who display the talent and dynamism required to make it big in a tough industry as well as encourage and support such individuals to realize their dreams and visions in the hopes of having their skills fine-tuned to where they may be recognized and demanded within the industry. Chosen individuals taking part in DBF initiatives will travel and meet with celebrities, professionals and top executives who can assist them in making their dreams into a reality.

DBF’s particular area of focus is providing support to those who are up and coming within the entertainment sector and demonstrate a real potential for raising the bar in their respective field. In this regard, DBF has pioneered the provision of various financial support mechanisms.

In addition DBF facilitates a variety of opportunities (such as internships and training workshops) to assist individuals enhance and improve their craft. DBF also offers access to a vast network off current professionals within the entertainment industry both locally and internationally.

In 2015, DBF was formally established as a non-profit organization managed by a Board of Directors – handpicked from across the arts and entertainment landscape, as well as, the Public and Private Sectors, to ensure that the vision and mission of DBF are upheld each year and that the organization’s goals and objectives are executed sustainably.


The Inspiration for the DBF Logo

As children, we would look up and stretch as high as we could, attempting to touch the clouds…these alluring nebulous forms floating along blue skies.

Over the years, the desire to reach those clouds and achieve our most lofty aspirations are stifled by the realities of the day. Thus, the talents and potential of many go underdeveloped and underutilised. DBF aims to change this!

The clouds against the blue background in the DBF logo represent these yet unattained dreams.

Every significant achievement in the history of mankind began with a BIG DREAM. At DBF, we support persons with positive work ethic and distinctive talents in the field of the arts and entertainment to achieve their dreams.

The word ‘dream’ is written in a vibrant orange to represent the positive energy and passion necessary for notable achievement.

The word ‘BIG’ is deliberately written in full caps to emphasise the organisation’s desire to encourage talented individuals to go after their most lofty dreams with determination and persistence.

The DBF Team

DBF’s Board of Directors consists of persons committed to upholding and maintaining the standards, goals and objectives of the organization, while also in a position to facilitate and enhance planned or future programmes and activities.

The Board is responsible for the overall management, administration, governance and direction of the organization and adhere to and enforce the by-laws and policies of the organization.

The Board comprises of Executive members and Committee Chairpersons for each Administrative, Project and Line of Service responsibility.