Dream Big Expo

Join us as an Exhibitor
At the largest Career Fair in the Caribbean!

May 3rd-4th, 2019 | Centre of Excellence

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Our History

The Dream Big Foundation was founded in 2014, and is built around the discovery and fostering of talented individuals with several sectors of the Arts & Entertainment Industry.

Recognizing that there was a lack of substantial or directed support within much of the creative and entertainment industries such as film, music, fashion and dance, the foundation sought to create initiatives designed to both attract individuals who display the talent and dynamism required to be successful in a tough industry, as well as encourage and support those individuals to realize their potential.

Over time the Dream Big Foundation added a student conference, training workshops, internships and a nationwide school tour to its scope. Thus connecting it with thousands of secondary school students.These initiatives led to the expansion of the Dream Big Expo; a Conference & Career Fair for secondary school students like no other!

Why Participate?

Here’s Why You won’t want to miss this!


Corporate Sponsorship and Vendor participation is a superior research method, as it provides opportunities to gauge immediate customer response to products. Events allow business owners and executives to interact directly with their customers. Customers in turn have the opportunity to test the products of a company firsthand, and provide valuable feedback.


Dream Big Events capture a unique demographic of secondary school students between forms 3 and 6; an age group that has proven to be highly influential to household consumer habits and who will become the next generation of consumers.


Interact with other exhibitors, meet influencers in the global industry and allow for great networking.


By investing in the Dream Big brand you are partnering with a universe of properties that will operate all year round. Initiatives such as The Dream Big School Tour, Workshops and our ventures into building online social development platforms, like our Internship program, guarantees a stronger foundation for our youth and a brighter future for all concerned.

Event Details


Friday 3rd May 2019

Student Conference – 8:30am – 2:30pm. 3500 Students in Attendance

Panels featuring experts and visionaries both local and foreign in a variety of fields.
Local Entertainment. Interactive Challenges.

Saturday 4th May 2019

Career Fair – 10:00am – 6:00pm

Workshops, Seminars, Demos, Stage Shows, Competitions, Merchandise

Exhibitor Rates


6x2ft Table

$500 per Table
$750 for Two Tables
$1000 for Three Tables

10x10 Booth


10x20 Booth


20x20 Booth


All Exhibitors at The Dream Big Conference will automatically receive a 20% Discount at
The Decibel Entertainment Festival (5th-7th July, 2019 at Queen’s Hall).

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