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DBF Programmes

Through the DBF programmes, individuals who display the talent and dynamism required to make it big in a tough industry are chosen to receive the opportunity of a lifetime.

In addition to financial assistance, selected individuals will be connected with industry professionals and executives in their respective fields both locally and internationally and encouraged to make their dreams into a reality.

Current DBF programmes include providing assistance in the following creative fields:

  • Film: Open to filmmakers, technical crew and talent
  • Music: Open to musicians, songwriters and producers

Future DBF programmes will include providing assistance in the following creative fields:

  • Fashion
  • Dance
  • Digital

A key aspect incorporated into DBF programmes is the hosting and facilitation of workshops and seminars. Each year DBF seeks to offer a range and series of capacity-building workshops and training opportunities for individuals to learn from respective experts within the industry.

Current Programmes

DBF Film

Some of the most innovative and creative work in film today does not come from blockbusters out of Hollywood, but from smaller, independent productions made by fresh and hungry filmmakers.

Within every country in the world, there are those who pulls a team together, pick up a camera and start telling a story – and with today’s technology, many more have the same opportunity both in front of and behind the camera.

To balance such prospects with great storytelling and inventive execution, the DBF Film programme seeks to support up and coming filmmakers, technical crew and talent in creating something original.

By allowing individuals to meet with and learn from leaders in the industry and facilitate exposure of their current or future work, the DBF Film programme looks to nurture the next generation of talent in film.

DBF Music

Too often singers, songwriters and producers work together to produce a collaborative work that they hope will be heard by a global audience.

Unfortunately, this work sometimes goes in vain, as they simply don’t have the means or wherewithal to connect with decision makers who are capable of steering them in the right direction.

The DBF Music programme provides the opportunity to a Musician, Producer or Songwriter to sit down with key industry professionals including CEO’s of major Record Labels or Grammy Award Winning Songwriters. Through working with and learning from successful artists, producers and executives in the music industry, the DBF Music programme allows talented individual to take that next critical step in their career.