Sculpture Competition

Dream Big Culture Sculpture Competition


The Competition

The challenge is to design and create a 3-dimensional installation art piece that captures the essence of Trinidad and Tobago Culture. Trinidad and Tobago boasts a fantastic festival, unique cuisine, diverse people and beautiful landscapes. Use your imagination to create a piece that represents some aspect of our local culture.

The Prize
A chance for four (4) students and one (1) teacher to visit the set of an upcoming movie featuring Will Smith.

The Rules

  • If selected as potential winners, participants must have valid passports and US Visas at the time of travel which is for November 2018. (travel dates may be subject to change)
  • ONLY students who attended the DeciBel Conference on May 3rd 2018 are eligible to participate. The accompanying teacher however can be determined by the school.
  • Participating student list must correspond with the registration list sent by the school for the conference. All entries will be subject to verification of eligibility.
  • Budget for art installation piece must be kept within $5000TTD. Each group is encouraged to raise funds towards their art piece.
  • Art Installation piece must be at least 3 feet long x 3 feet wide x 5 feet tall.
  • Each school can have a maximum of 3 entries, meaning the entire group that attended the conference can be split into up to 3 smaller groups with a minimum of four (4) students per group however, a student can only belong to one group.

Keep in mind that only FOUR (4) students can win the competition. The chosen 4 students of the winning group must be selected by the school.


Preliminary Round: Deadline July 9th

Concept, design and budget breakdown are due on July 9th. The top groups will be selected to advance to the final round of the competition. The announcement will be made on July 18th.

Final Round: Deadline September 7th
The Build. Once the winners are announced their design plans can go into action. With guidance from their teachers, students must come together to build their designs. Groups have until September 7th to complete their works of and send in videos of their final product.

A group of judges will visit each school during the period of September 10th – 21st to examine each piece of artwork. The following categories will be taken into consideration:

Fund Raising

Entries are now closed

Thanks again to everyone that entered the Dream Big Culture Sculpture Competition.